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I build interactive web sites and I teach web-based graphic design and programming at the collegiate level both on-campus in Denver, Colorado and online. Although I teach development using HTML/CSS and Adobe Flash, I focus much of the production work to take into consideration typography, color, navigation, content layout, and overall style. I expanded upon my lecture materials and wrote three textbooks covering these subjects published under Wynn Press. Check out my textbooks by visiting WynnPress.com. Don't worry, my portfolio will still be here when you get back.


As a graphic designer and web developer, I can provide you with any services you require from W3C Compliant CSS web sites to interactive Flash experiences with ActionScript programming & animation. If you are interested in learning how to do all of this, I also offer on-location training sessions or you can pick up one of my textbooks from Wynn Press.


I was recently recognized by Adobe for my contributions to higher education. You can find my profile on Adobe.com by clicking the Education Leader icon:

AEL Higher Education

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Wynn Press Blog Link

I maintain the blog at Wynn Press in order to reach more students interested in design. Most of my blog articles aim to inspire students who are overwhelmed trying to find the balance between school and life, like my post "Parents in College."


Many of my articles have become an easy reference for myself when teaching. You may be surprised how often my college students contact me by email with their use of poor grammar and spelling where I need the Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring to decipher them. I've found it easier to initiate a discussion with them about this subject by emailing them a link to my blog article "Importance of Good Grammar" and asking them what they think. I usually get a more positive response from them and a kind apology.

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